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We want to make sure that your shopping experience at Newegg is truly worry-free. That's why we're offering you our Price Match Guarantee for select items. Look for the Price Match Guarantee badge on the product pages on the website (the "Site"), designating eligibility. So go ahead, tell your friends and family to start shopping today!

Where Can I Find Price Match Guaranteed Products?

Look for the Price Match Guarantee badge on various product pages throughout the Site or once a product category is chosen, perform a "Power Search" by selecting the "Price Match Guarantee" checkbox within the "Useful Links" filter.

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How Does Price Match Guarantee Work?

Newegg will match the price subject to verification and the terms below. The cost difference will be credited to you in the form of a Newegg Customer Care card which is good for use on the website or the Newegg mobile application for 90 calendar days from date of issue. Newegg reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Price Match Guarantee at any time without notice but will honor any eligible price matching requests for an item purchased from Newegg prior to the date the Price Match Guarantee is discontinued.

Price Match Guarantee Terms & Exclusions

  • This offer applies only to the advertised online price of identical items offered for sale by Newegg and major retailers.*
  • For purposes of comparing prices, the price ("Price") is the total advertised price of the item including shipping costs, but Price shall not include discounts from a "Loyalty" or "Membership" program, and Price shall not include shipping discounts from a membership program such as Amazon Prime.
  • Price Match of a Newegg item shall not include sales tax, if any.
  • Newegg's and major retailer's Price must be advertised at the time the price match is requested.
  • The Price Match Guarantee only applies to purchases within the United States.
  • The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to:
    • Auction site prices.
    • Items not displaying the Price Match Guarantee badge at the time of your purchase.
    • Newegg's or a major retailer's item offered (a) for free or with rebate or coupon or promotional gift card/promotional credit, (b) as part of a bundled offer or financing offer, (c) as a clearance/closeout sale, or (d) for sale for less than 6 hours in a day.
    • Newegg's or a major retailer's item which is out of stock/not available for immediate shipment or which is offered in limited quantities.
    • A major retailer's item that is advertised below Newegg's actual cost.
    • Newegg's or a major retailer's item which is offered as open box or refurbished.
    • Add-on services such as extended warranty or installation.
    • Any item offered by Newegg or a major retailer which is subject to MAP pricing.
    • Newegg's or a major retailer's advertised Price which is the result of a typographical error.
  • Limitations: Only one Price Match per customer; only one Price Match per item.
  • Not valid on exclusive, major-holiday sales event prices offered by Newegg or other retailers, including, but not limited to:
    • FantasTech Sale
    • Black Friday
    • Cyber Monday
    • Green Monday
    • Boxing Day

*Major retailers include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and The term "major retailer" excludes third-party sellers whose products are sold through a major retailer's online marketplace. For questions, please contact our customer service.