It's a tough job working for Newegg, the universally recognized leader in PCs, technology and celebrity gossip. So when we Neweggers aren’t peeling graphics cards for industry-leading ASMR unboxing vids, we're coming up with award-winning egg puns and thinking about the challenges that face our fellow man. Like how laptops only have one screen.

Earlier this year, Razer took the first bold steps into the post single-screen laptop era with the introduction of the triple display Project Valerie laptop at CES 2017, and the world stood up and applauded.

That said, we can't stop three really enough?

Enter Project MEgga, the single greatest invention since TiVo.


How'd we do it?

First, we looked at where we could put more screens.

Second, we put them there.

Third, we put on our drinking hats and added three more screens under the six original screens.

And then we gave it a bold poultry based brand to match its magnificence: MEgga, aka M#gg@, #TheWorldsFirstNineScreenLaptop.

The world's first 9-screen laptop is here.

The revolution is complete.

…and someone stole it.

But we’ll make more. Pre-order yours now.

Project MEgga: World's first 9 Screen Laptop

  • World's second laptop with three screens
  • And three more screens
  • And then three more screens below those other screens
  • That's nine screens
  • Which is six more than Razer
  • And eight more than your dumpster peasant laptop
  • But not 10 screens. That's too many 

  • Intel i9-8900x 400 core CPU
  • 128GB RGB RAM
  • NVIDIA GTX 1280 Ti Ancestor Edition
  • Cherry MX power supply
  • Loudspeakers with tiny confetti cannons
  • GSync caps lock AND num lock
  • Dual fuel auxilary power supply 
  • IUV-RGB (Infrared, UV spectrum & RGB) lighting

was: $29,999.00
Save: $1.00

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