WD Black™ hard drives are designed for desktop PC and power users who demand performance. Give your system the high capacity, reliability and robust performance only available in a WD Black™ drive, that includes a 5-year limited warranty.

WD Black

Creatives and Enthusiasts

Whether you're a photographer, video editor, digital artist, or want to build your own system, look no further than WD Black™ drives as your go-to solution. WD Black™ drives deliver inspiring performance for storing large multimedia files of photos, videos and applications.

For Gamers

Tuned for performance and perfect for gaming, WD Black™ drives offer large capacities to store your expanding gaming library. Plan for the future of your gaming PC with enough capacity for extra downloadable game content and combine with an SSD for maximum PC performance.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Every WD Black™ drive is backed by an industry leading 5-year limited warranty. Compared to standard hard drives such as WD Blue™, WD Black™ hard drives pass more strenuous and aggressive internal testing over a longer period of time.

Increased Cache Sizes:

Achieve faster read-rate performance and high-speed transfer speeds with 128 MB of cache on 5 TB and 6 TB models. WD's Dynamic Cache Technology improves performance in real time to allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes.

Dual-Core Processing:

The WD Black™ drive features a dual-core processor that offers twice the processing capability as a standard single-core processor to maximize drive performance, especially for loading games or large multimedia files.

Increased Reliability:

WD Black™ drives are equipped with StableTrac™ Technology (2 TB and larger models). This secures the motor shaft inside the hard drive to increase reliability and help reduce impact due to system-induced vibrations from other components. By stabilizing the platters inside, WD Black™ drives result in more accurate tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations, optimizing performance and reliability.

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